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What are the advantages of the application of the integrated corridor support in the subway project?

What is the application of the integrated corridor support in the subway project? Comprehensive pipe rack bracket is after seismic strengthening the water supply and drainage, heating, ventilation, fire and other mechanical and electrical engineering facilities, is an indispensable part in the construction of subway station hall, platform, set in the public area and equipment area corridor pipelines centralized regional layout of comprehensive support, to improve the comprehensive utilization of pipe line layout and appearance the rate of space. Today we are going to talk about the advantages of the application of the comprehensive pipe gallery. As we all know, the space of the subway is relatively narrow, and the normal use of all professional equipment is ensured. We must make rational use of the limited space.
Comprehensive pipe gallery support is support assembly at the site to the factory prefabricated parts, using standard connectors and standard product channel, can adjust the position of elevation or according to the actual situation, to meet the requirements of the site use, at the same time according to the actual demand of equipment after installation of system operation for a corresponding expansion. It can meet the requirements of anticorrosion, anti vibration and so on. The concrete is connected with the anchor bolt, and the original steel structure is welded with the fixture without welding. And achieve the same strength as the field welding bracket. Integrated hanger comprises a hanging block, boom, boom of the crane beam is arranged on the top block, between the boom are fixed with the upper and lower beam is scattered, suspender is fixed at the bottom of the bottom beam, the front and rear of the hanger rod, beam and the bottom beam Chengjun arranged parallel arranged to form a square frame is provided with two beams ago the first, the back line, the front and rear of the bottom beam are respectively arranged on the second line, third pipelines, fourth pipelines, the reasonable distribution of all kinds of pipes in the floor corridor and cable bridge, reasonable use of space, improve the corridor ceiling elevation, firm installation, material saving, labour saving, high work efficiency, the progress of the project fast.
The comprehensive balance of pipeline layout and the use of integrated supports and hangers can maximize the connection between design and construction, and provide technical support for effectively coordinating the construction of all mechanical and electrical sub contractors, so as to create conditions for the smooth construction. The comprehensive balance of mechanical and electrical pipeline layout and the use of integrated supports and hangers can solve the problem of the elevation and location of pipelines in the electromechanical system under the condition of ensuring functions, avoid conflicts when crossing, and cooperate and meet all the location requirements of structure and decoration. The reasonable layout and comprehensive support and hangers of all mechanical and electrical professional pipelines can shorten the construction period and avoid rework caused by improper crossing and improper connection of pipelines and lines during the construction stage of each electromechanical installation, so as to ensure the smooth progress of installation works. Not only effectively saves the limited space above the ceiling, ensure the maintenance channel, but also greatly reduce the pipe support for the production and installation of steel consumption, at the same time, the rational use of comprehensive support, can reduce construction after the installation of the demolition work, so as to maximize the reduction of Engineering cost.
Comprehensive arrangement and installation of electrical and mechanical equipment pipeline in subway engineering often affect the construction progress and perception and related professional, and the selection and installation of pipeline comprehensive arrangement and hanger is precondition of comprehensive arrangement of equipment and piping is reasonable and beautiful. Through the optimization design and installation of the equipment pipe support and hanger, the installation of the equipment pipe can achieve the effect of sturdy, beautiful and reliable quality. Metro electromechanical equipment pipeline installation is not simply according to drawings, because the constraints on the subway electromechanical equipment pipeline installation there is a lot of uncertainty: mechanical design and structural design of cohesion is not perfect, mechanical design and decoration design interface is not perfect, all mechanical and electrical professional pipeline construction order etc will lead to improper electrical pipeline installation equipment rework even can not be carried out smoothly, therefore, Metro electromechanical equipment pipeline design and construction of the installation, use the pipeline should pay more attention to the technology of pipeline layout and comprehensive balance and reasonable comprehensive support.

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